New Firms

Let LiveWire help you! 

There are so many things to address when starting your new firm.  While you focus on contracts, locations, banking, insurance, and all the administrative tasks involved, let LiveWire focus on the technology! 

  • Determine best practices for the firm’s various practice groups.

  • We have extensive experience addressing importing and exporting data from various document management systems, email, and other legal applications.

  • We work with many internet providers and can work with the firm to provide the best pricing available and ensure that you are up and running when you need to be.

  • Work with your property manager in providing cabling and security vendors to provide needed connectivity.

  • Work with VOIP and Telco providers.

Consulting & Design
  • Infrastructure design for single and multiple locations.

  • LiveWire will provide legal application customizations based upon how your firm works!

  • Having worked with law firms for over 20 years, we understand how to work with your team to analyze and custom tailor which products may be the best fit for your firm.

Document & Content Management

Document management systems have always been critical in effectively managing the firms’ intellectual property.  The demand for a secure system has risen substantially for firms having to address regulatory security compliance from their clients.

Consider the benefits of having a single repository to locate anything related to a matter.  LiveWire can make it happen.

  • Provides critical element for productivity & compliance.  Whether it’s a Word document, spreadsheet, video, photos, or a voicemail, you will have one place to go!

  • Creates client or matter level ethical walls.

  • Allows secure content sharing with outside counsel or clients.

IT Projects

Implementing technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients’ practices from a single application to firm wide infrastructure to include all hardware and software purchases needed.  LiveWire works with firms on IT policies to meet any regulatory compliance required by your clients while assisting with internal processes and optimizing technology.

Areas Covered -

  •   Office365 on-boarding.

  •   Mobility.

  •   Network security.

  •   System wide upgrades

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