LiveWire’s support team provides a remoted based cost-effective support solution to a client-based spanning all North America.  It includes senior support engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in the legal marketplace.  Our focus and mission, from day one, has been the provide top level support to our law firm and corporate legal clients.





Some of our comprehensive and flexible support plans

  • Private Cloud hosting packages that include:
          All server related support and application upgrades
         - 24/7 Emergency Support
         - Annual IT reviews
         - Software licensing audits
         - Data replication in geo-redundant datacenters
         - Network penetration testing for security requirements.

  • We can package monthly hour banks of time that can be used as needed and do not expire for 2 years.  No more unjustified monthly fees!
  • We can provide many specific services such as backup checks, Intrusion Protection report review, SysLog retention.
  • We can work with you on an as needed basis regardless of whether it’s a simple user issue or a complicated server related problem.

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